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Windshield-Replacement on Classic Cars

Windshield Replacement on Classic Cars

rc-15Some people have their own high end sports car or high class vehicle that often creates a second look for those people who see them in the streets. Owning one actually creates a form of distinction on some one else’s status of living. However, no matter how we take care of them, accidents at times are unavoidable. We may get some scratches or cracks or chips on the windshield and when that happens, we need to find an auto-glass company who will perform a windshield replacement on classic cars or sports vehicle.

Luxury vehicles need the right care and maintenance from highly reputable glass companies just like Window Welder. They offer rock chip repair and windshield replacement on Wood River and Magic Valley area. They also have a mobile service just in case you want the job done in your exact location. They are known for their great reputation and quality service with over 25 years of experience in auto glass services. They also work with most insurance companies to cater your needs.

rc-14Window Welder work with any kind of vehicle for rock chip repair and windshield replacement. In this regard, whether you are driving a Chevy, Ford, Honda, or just about any luxury car like BMW or Mercedes, they will cater your needs with utmost confidence and professionalism. By the way try to make an appointment with them online and you will receive a free soda and pizza for your windshield replacement needs.

rc-16We all know that a luxury car’s windshield is not at all built the same way as cheap cars in the market. Most of them have a built in inner layer that makes listening to music more enjoyable and with higher sound quality for better listening experience. Although it can be very expensive to have them replaced, it is wise to know all your options in windshield replacement. Call Window Welder today and get in touch with their highly skilled technicians who are always ready to help you with your auto glass repairs and replacement needs.

Stop worrying about the cost, who would want to drive around on a luxury vehicle with broken windshields right? Of course you want it to be fixed right away in order to prevent more damages. Window Welder works with insurance companies and they can help you solve your problem in no time. Visit them today so that they can inspect your auto glass windshield and give you further assistance or recommendations so that you can make your decision.

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  • Looking for windshield for 1983 Chrysler Cordoba 2 door. I can not verify….but have been told glass from 1981-1983 on the Cordoba and the Dodge Mirada are interchangeable. If you can not help…..any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you. Bill Stolte

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