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Why Repair a Rock Chip

Why Repair a Rock Chip

Why Repair a Rock Chip

Many drivers are familiar with the frustration of a chipped or cracked windshield. Although windshield damages can result from many causes, by far, the most common one is flying rocks or other debris cast off from the loads of commercial trucks. The 2001 law which stipulates that new trucks be made with load covers; does not incorporate older model trucks, many of which are still in active service.

Simply put, a windshield rock chip means that a stone damaged your windshield and cracked it. This damage can become visible as a circular bulls-eye, linear crack, star-shaped break or a combination of all three. Even if this damage occurred, one should know that the chances that this windshield or window will be repaired are still very high.

A rock chip can be repaired by applying vacuum pressure onto it, and then injecting a resin into the rock chip. The resins used to repair windshields or window rock chips are optically compatible with glass thereby once injected, the technician uses an ultraviolet light to cure it. The repair is complete and the windshield or window is no longer in danger of cracking further from the point of impact. If you are not sure where to have this done, then I suggest “Window Welder” for Rock chip, Boise Idaho

There are so many reasons as to why Window Welder needs to repair that rock chip, Boise Idaho in your windshield or window. However, the major reasons one could look at include:

First of all, repairing a rock chip is pretty cheap. If you do not get the rock chip repaired as quickly as possible, water and dirt can get into the damaged area and facilitate its cracking. Even if some cracks appear, the windshield can easily be repaired if the size of the crack is still small and manageable. Ignoring this will lead to the crack expanding and with time, damaging the whole windshield thereby having to replace it with a new one.

Driving with an unrepaired Rock chip, Boise Idaho in your window is highly dangerous. Yes. The windshield not only protects occupants from debris (like rocks!), but is an important contributor to the structural integrity of the vehicle. In other words, it is not safe to drive with a cracked windshield. The roof can collapse in an accident, or an airbag deployment could shatter a damaged windshield and create additional hazards in an accident.

In some States it is illegal to drive with a broken windshield; other states are a bit more tolerant. As a general rule, if the broken windshield obscures your vision in any way, it’s sure to be illegal and you will be fined for it when you pull over.

While seatbelts are the primary means for protecting passengers from ejection during a collision, the windshield also plays an important role. For unbelted passengers, or in situations where the seatbelt is faulty, broken, or severed in the course of the accident, the windshield can provide a final measure of protection ensuring that the passengers remain within the interior of the car.

With Similar reasons like those, I bet you feel like repairing that Rock chip, Boise Idaho in your shield today! Not to worry, there are an experienced team of technicians at Window Welder that will help you with this repair. Simply fill out this form and you will be on your way to having that chip in your window shield fixed.


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