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Rock Chip Repair with Window Welder

I found this inquiry that had been posted by Tim, a friend of mine, in an online publication of the monthly classifieds. It stated;

I’m looking for a rock chip repair service near the Magic Valley area.  I don’t want to go through my insurance, so the “free” ones won’t work either.  The last time I filed my $50 rock chip repair, my insurance showed that I had a claim (never mind the fact that it was a mere $50) and my rates weren’t pretty when I tried to shop around. I found one place that will only do them in their shop for less (not too bad, but I used to know places that would do them for far less in your parking yard outside your home).  Does anyone know of someone who does them for pretty cheap at your convenience and without the need for me to go to their shop?”

My answer to this would be “Window Welder Inc”, simply that. I have looked at hundreds of rock chip fixing companies and none of these match Window Welder’s professionalism. They are your full service automotive glass shop, providing rock chip repair as well as full glass replacement to the Boise, Wood River and Magic Valley area. For 25 years now, their mobile services provisions have been a testimony by their clients.

Rock chip repair with Window Welder will save you hundreds of dollars.  Our technicians will drill into the rock chip right from the point for which the impact occurred and they will apply vacuum pressure, inject a resin, and set up the area; you will be ready to go. Did you save on time – oh yes! Were the unnecessary costs eliminated – Yes. Effective, affordable and friendly to your pockets, that is Window Welder’s services. Call them today, 24/7, they are waiting to come help you.

The resins used to repair windshield or window rock chips are optically compatible with glass. Once the resin is injected, the technician uses an ultraviolet light to cure it. He then scrapes any excess resin from the windshield and cleans the glass. This is Window welders Inc’s standard procedure and has proved itself to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to have the rock chips in your window cured. By the time we are through with you, your window is no longer in danger of cracking further from the point of impact. You should be getting onto your phone and calling their technical team. Do you have an emergency or can’t leave work? They will get to you, or fill out the contact form on the website; they are going to get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Their professionalism, experience and customer support are simply not contended. What even makes it better is that it will not matter where you are, they will simply get to you. Be it on the roadside, at home, office or countryside, Window Welder Inc. will get there to sort you out. Simply call them at 208-736-1114 and you will get that rock chip fixed in no time.


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  • I have two vehicles that each have two small chips in the windshield. They have not spread. What would it cost to have them fixed? I live in BUHL. I don’t want to go through insurance. What is your location and what are the costs if I come to you?

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